Crina Cretu, B.A., C.N.P., R.O.H.P., M.M.S.

Certified Nutritional Practitioner
Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner
Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Vibrant health is more than the absence of disease. I believe in our bodies’ innate capacity to heal and thrive, given the right tools and support.


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What my clients have to say

“I admire Crina for her knowledge, her thoroughness in research, her energy and hard work she puts into understand and improving her clients’ well being. I came to Crina for live blood cell analysis in an effort to find out why I was feeling so exhausted and lousy all the time when regular blood work came up short and doctors could find nothing wrong with me. Within three weeks, after only one round of cellular drainage, I was already immediately feeling better and with Crina’s guidance we worked towards cleaning my organs and tissues on many levels. She is an amazing health care provider, and a really charming person.

Carol G.

“After I went for a nutritional consultation with Crina, I wished I had gone a lot sooner.  She gave me so much information and so much knowledgeable and practical advice for eating healthy, tailored to my way/style of life, as I frequently travel and have limited options. The session with Crina is most beneficial in seeing the start of issues that can be prevented, with the right diet, dedication and awareness.

Vicky T.

“My daughter and I both had a life blood cell analysis with Crina. It was amazing to see what was going on inside us. Crina’s knowledge and compassion was immediately apparent as she guided us through the process. For my daughter it was eye opening seeing the blood cells on the screen and very motivating to change her diet. Crina had excellent and doable recommendations for her. Crina’s skills coupled with her kindness and true interest in her clients’ wellbeing makes a wonderful combination for healing. I highly recommend her and her services.”

Angelika B.

“Crina has a wealth of knowledge and gives you so much support! She was able to help me clear up severe skin problems by using her tools to get to the root of the problem. She gave me a comprehensive plan to follow and in one month my skin has cleared up almost completely. Thank you Crina!

Susan W.

“The amount of information Crina shared during the nutritional consultation session is incredible. I really appreciated her support. But more than that, I find that I trust her! Trust is a decision that is made in a relationship… and I am building trust with her, as a dedicated practitioner who is putting her energies into planning how to proceed towards my healing. Crina has been approaching my situation from a much broader perspective than I ever would have imagined a nutritionist would do. It feels just right. It feels just like what I needed. Thank you once again for all you have done!”

Sharon B.

“Crina is such dedicated, patient and caring professional! She goes above and beyond in helping you understand the root cause of your health problems. She provides more information than most would expect and she gives you the right tools and guidance to support you along the way of implementing healthy changes in your life! Thank you for your time and patience!

Chris D.

Crina is not only incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated, but she also truly cares about her clients, and goes above and beyond her job with her love and interest in nutrition and health. Thank you Crina!

Victoria T.

I find Crina to be a wealth of knowledge! She has the ability for making healthy changes in your lifestyle fun and easy to master!

Barbara P.

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